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Bespoke Ceremonies

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Young couple marrying


Let’s plan your perfect ceremony together.
I will help you to create a ceremony which reflects you as a couple, your stories, your hopes, your dreams and is completely how you want it to be.


Choosing a celebrant means there are no restrictions on venue, times, length of ceremony, numbers of guests, your music choices, participants in your ceremony (including pets), you can include cultural rituals, hand fasting, sand ceremonies, really just let your imagination run riot.

See my FAQs for more information here.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how you would like your ceremony unfold…


A wonderful way to welcome your child into the world and introduce them to your family and friends, and a lovely alternative to a more structured and religious christening. Unique to you, as formal or informal as you wish.


Naming ceremonies are not just for babies, welcoming a new addition to your family, whether a baby, toddler, adopted child, acknowledging new siblings into a blended family, there are no restrictions. As with all my ceremonies, together we can tailor the occasion to suit you and your family’s wishes.


We will meet and discuss ideas and inspirations. I am happy to assist you.


A naming ceremony is a time to talk about parenthood and family values and a way to bring people together to acknowledge the role they will play in supporting your child. To officially announce their name and possibly explain the meaning behind it!


There are many ways of involving family members and friends in the ceremony and thanking those who have supported you in your journey so far. Incorporating your family’s traditions perhaps or any symbolic rituals, such as tree planting, lighting candles, a sand ceremony or cultural elements which reflect your own values and beliefs.


Where guide parents, supporting adults, life mentors, ‘god’ parents, grandparents are to be assigned a special part in the life of your child then we can include promises and readings, so they can have meaning and be personal to your child and their future. Music, poems, vows to your child and the giving of gifts can all be accommodated to make your ceremony extra special.


If you wish you can also have a commemorative naming day certificate.

Newborn Baby
Couple renewing their vows

Vow Renewals

A Renewal of Vows can be for many reasons: an anniversary, to celebrate a particular milestone, overcoming illness, part of a surprise party, having navigated a rocky path in your journey together or just to show friends and family your ongoing commitment and love for one another. Perhaps you would like to acknowledge your extended family, your children and grandchildren.  To say ‘I love you’ all over again and re-dedicate your wedding rings (or new rings!)


The ceremony can be formatted any way you choose. For some it mirrors their original wedding ceremony, and for others it’s an opportunity to do things differently, with new friends and family members. Think about what would reflect you both and let’s talk.


As with all my ceremonies, we will meet, explore, and plan, and I will endeavour to inspire you to reflect the couple you are and how you wish your ceremony to be crafted.

Vow renewals
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