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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is such an exciting time to get married in the UK. So many venues are becoming available, the choice of location is constantly growing. Whether a small intimate elopement or a huge event with hundreds of guests - it’s all possible.
The Law Commission is currently making proposals to overhaul what it considers to be the outdated wedding rules of England and Wales. We may have a few years to wait but eventually we hope the restrictions currently in place will be lifted and couples will be able to marry legally with far greater freedom. Until then, a celebrant-led ceremony gives you the flexibility you need to make your day absolutely ‘yours’.


Where can we have our ceremony?

Anywhere you like (with permission) - the great thing about choosing a celebrant for your ceremony is there are no restrictions. That said, I probably won’t leap out of a plane or do a bungee jump!

I have conducted ceremonies for couples in caves, cowsheds, castles and country estates.

You can celebrate in the open air if you wish:

  • in your garden

  • in the woods

  • in a field

  • on a cliff or beach

We may need a plan for unpredictable weather!

You may wish to have your ceremony in your own home, a village hall, a barn or in a marquee. Or to be just the two of you at sunset on top of a hill! We can talk through your options.


Which areas do you cover?

Although based on the borders of Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, I am happy to travel beyond these counties. I have a lot of experience in the South West so if you wanted me for your ceremony further afield, let’s talk.


Will you write and plan the ceremony?

Yes - it will be a bespoke ceremony, exclusively yours.


We will meet and have as many conversations as you need to discuss your wishes and hopes for the ceremony. We can meet at the venue and have a rehearsal. You can write your own vows if you wish, although I am happy to help with that too. Your ceremony can include whatever you need to reflect your relationship and journey. It can be as intimate and personal as you wish.


If you would like a ritual such as a sand ceremony or hand fasting, the symbolism of a unity candle, exchanging your rings, to wear fancy dress, to have a religious or spiritual element, live music, readings, poetry, your pets, a signing - it’s all possible and I will help you all the way along to make it happen.

Why choose a Celebrant for your ceremony instead of a Registrar?

You can complete the legal process at your nearest Registry Office. It costs around £50 depending on the location, you need two witnesses, the process takes about ten minutes and then you are free to hold your ceremony wherever and whenever you choose.

The celebrant-led ceremony is not legally binding but it is where you get to have exactly what you want and to reflect your own personalities.

Many couples now choose to split the legal and ceremonial parts of their wedding - in the registry office, the legal part can be brief and basic, saying your declaratory and contracting words, and obtaining your marriage certificate.


Then your separate celebrant-led wedding ceremony, where you invite your family and friends; bespoke, personal and without restrictions! You can exchange rings and sign a commemorative certificate if you wish - often guests are unaware that it is not the legally binding ceremony.


How much does it cost to hire a celebrant?

My general fees are here.

I understand how important (and sometimes difficult) setting your budget can be in wedding planning, so my fees are transparent and inclusive.

However if you wish to have a scaled down mini-ceremony/elopement, or a particularly simple ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic - then please contact me and we can discuss special prices in these circumstances.

Also, associated fees for travel or accommodation may apply, but again we can discuss this, so please just ask.


Who will you conduct a ceremony for?

I am LGBTQ friendly. Love is love, ceremonies are for everyone. Multi-cultural or mixed faith weddings can be very special and an opportunity to blend cultures and faith. Your ceremony can be the ideal setting to embrace diversity.

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Renewal of Vows


Why renew our vows? A Renewal of Vows can be for many reasons: an anniversary, to celebrate a particular milestone, overcoming illness, part of a surprise party, having navigated a rocky path in your journey together or just to show friends and family your ongoing commitment and love for one another. 


What does the ceremony involve?


Whatever you would like. For some it mirrors their original wedding ceremony, and for others it’s anopportunity to do things differently, with new friends and family members. Think about what would reflect you both and let’s talk.

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